Hello, everyone. I finally unpacked my prize for #mftsuperstar and started to use some of sets (did you pity to unpack new stamps too? It’s so white and smells wonderfully 😍). 
And today I want to participate so much in @mftstamps sketch challenge
 (I hope that I’m not late) with my mermaid. It’s a big joy to color mermaids, because you can draw them rainbow hair (don’t wait blue-green colored skin as in tales, sorry, I choose healthy color of face) and scale of unusual shade.
And it inspires a lot


Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 

Interactive card

1.5 year ago…yeah, exactly 1.5 year ago I made my first interactive card and it had exactly the same construction. 

Of course, I pumped😄my skill 💪🏻 of interactives, however I’ve wanted to repeat this construction adding some story to complete it. 

Then I had only flowers and I couldn’t add nothing more on card, but now I have a lot of things, but I always choose space (that’s my favorite theme and when I feel lack of inspiration I start to draw space and almost every time it helps, but this time it needed about a month to compile it😄). 

The most amazing that this construction still on the first place in the poll, though I believe it very simple. 

OK, I need to gather strength and invent something like this 👆🏻 but with three spinning frames and mermaids, for example🙈 

And also I couldn’t finish the video to this card, so you’ll see it only tomorrow. 

Thank you for attention. Natalia

2017 Card Design Superstar: Innovation Master

Hello, everyone.  Welcome back to my blog!
This is card for 2017 Superstar Card Contest from @mftstamps 💜 for the Innovation Master category using.

This card is for the amazing Card Design Superstar Contest – 2017 where you can be one of the 15 lucky winners to win a $250 voucher from My Favorite Things!!! There are 3 categories and today I show you my card for the Innovation Master category.
First video, then foto
I know that many of you have waited for my interactive, I even got some mails in direct. Well, I passed couple stages in this challenge – from denial to acceptance 😄😄. It’s all because I made so many interactive cards this year, not some person made in a life 🤦‍♀️. That’s all me. On the other hand, I can’t live long without interactive cards, it’s my way to realize some of my semi-insane ideas and vision of cardmaking 🤷🏻‍♀️.
This is card for 2017 Superstar Card Contest from @mftstamps 💜 for the Innovation Master category using. You all know how I like complex, layered constructions (can nothing to do with me). Exactly this idea I nurtured for a long time and only now it finally formed. 
The idea is: on the first layer kids reading about astronaut and imagine him (window in the middle); second layer – cosmos and main hero with friends; third layer – coming back on Earth.
 Circle window can move up\down, left\right. Also astronaut move up\down. 1st and 3rd layers – toning with inks, 2nd – watercolor. Also the 1st and 2nd layers can be interchanged. Shortly, multifunctional card, just like I adore – unique and inimitably 😄. 
Thanx for attention 💜
Stencil – MINI CLOUD EDGES Mix-ables Stencil. 
Sequins; Seed Beads; Watercolor paint; Ink pads; INK BLENDING TOOLS