A Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop WINNER

Hello, everyone. Today I’m here to declare the winner of 30$ Altenew Gift certificate from my blog hop. And the lucky one is … Linda F

Please fill free to contact Altenew at winner@altenew.com by 6/30/2017 with the subject line Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop post from Natalia Zubkova Blog. 
For all other ladies — thank you very much for participating and for your sweet comments you left me! And don’t forget to visit Altenew blog at May, 2nd at 5:00 pm to find out who became the winner of the main prize.
Good luck. 

Altenew Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop + Giveaway

Hello everyone!
Today I happy to announce you the most interesting event of April from Altenew – Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop.

Spring is a good time to enjoy the life in its bloom and also to remember those, who gave us this life – our dear and beloved parents. They gave us care and attention, love and inspiration. So now it’s our turn to let them know how we love them and appreciate everything they do for us. Here we will try to express all this feelings in our cards. Join us in this Blog Hop and you will get a lot of positive emotions, warm feelings, happy smiles which you can share with your dearest parents, because this are the most important things in the world.

This Blog Hope has its goal to send cards for the elderly that lives in nursing homes or shelters to let them know they’re not forgotten. 20% of the profits earned from Best Dad, Best Mom, Penned Rose stamp sets by 6/18/2017 will be donated to Food Bank in Central New York to support seniors in need. So lets support together the people who really need attention and send our cards, inspired by this Blog Hop, to them. For more details visit Altenew’s 2017 Celebrating Parents Card Drive.

To make our Hop more interesting and exciting there will be some amazing prizes.

First of all it is a $50 gift certificates to THREE lucky winners. Be sure to leave comments by Sunday, April 30th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT for a chance to win! Winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the blogs listed below and will be announced on the Altenew blog on May 2nd, 2017.

Second – there will be two winners among those who left comments under my post. The one I will choose in my blog will get $30 gift certificate from Altenew, and the one I will choose in my Instagramm will get my interactive card with warmest wishes. I will choose winners with my heart and announce them by May 1st.

So, lets hop together by the blogs starting from Altenew and down the list you will find below and have fun.

And now, let me entroduce you my cards.

When I knew what kind of stamp set (Best Dad) will be the main in this Blog Hop, I realized that I will make interactive slider card and nothing else. But the thing that I couldn’t decide was how to decorate the front page. I considered a lot of options and spoiled a lot of paper before I found the suitable look. It’s the mirror frame and the imitation of bath tile around it. I am satisfied with my work because of its brevity and … interactivity)))

Here is the video of my card to show how it all works.

The second card, made with Extra Special and Wild Hibiscus stamp sets, came easy to me, like the flight of spring butterflies, that pictured on it.

Hope you have enjoyed watching. Now hop to the next blog. Bye-bye.

Special Offer (4/19-4/22):

      My space

      This card was borning very hard, especially technically. Originally it was more complicated than in final. Actually I designed this card long time ago, but only now I can implement it with the materials I got. As for me, interactive card is impossible without shaker, and here it is appropriate, so…shake-shake the Moon 🌔✨/ My card with stamps by altenewllc and simonsaysstamp 


       Открытка сделана для конкурса “лучшая интерактивная открытка 2016”, который проводит scrapmate #лучшая_интерактивная_открытка_2016 / Эта открытка далась мне тяжело, особенно в техническом плане. Изначальный вариант был намного сложнее, чем окончательный. Вообще, эту открытку я задумала уже давно, но только недавно смогла воплотить в жизнь, благодаря приехавшим ко мне материалам. Вообще, интерактивная открытка для меня не может быть без шейкера, но здесь он был более чем уместен, поэтому shake-shake луной 

      There is no one element in this card, which was spoiled during creating. Because of that the card is not so complicated as it supposed to be. Hope next time I could realize what I imagine / В открытке не хватает одного элемента, который был безвозвратно загублен. Собственно это и делало Ее максимально сложной во всех смыслах этого слова. Надеюсь, что в следующий раз, я смогу воплотить в жизнь задуманное 



      Here we have the main element of the card – double spinner. This idea came to me suddenly. First I planned make two spin elements on main page, but when realization of this idea was failed, I decided to complicate my card in another way and I added second spinner.  / А собственно на этой фотографии и видна вся фишка этой открытки – двойной спиннер 😉 эта идея пришла ко мне внезапно;) изначально я планировала сделать 2 вращающихся элемента на главной странице, но когда эта идея была провалена, я решила усложнить открытку по-другому и добавила второй спиннер / и с этой открыткой также хочу поучаствовать в 5 этапе #СовушкаСлавия_CASмарафон2016 от sovushka_slavia сама открытка раскрашена с помощью акварели, внутри тонировках дистрессами с использованием штампов звездного неба и луны




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