A Year In Review Blog Hop

Hello everyone!

Here is the happiest me with the great news! Altenew starts A Year In Review Blog Hop and I had a privilege to be one of participants. I am very proud to take part in such event, because for me Altenew is not just a company, producing stamps, it is the reason why I am occupied in cardmaking (in March, 2016 I fell in love with Golden Garden stamps and bought them immidietly). And looks like I am not gonna stop.
But let’s don’t waste time and go to the subject, we are all here for today.

I want to share some of my favourite works, made with Altenew’s stamps and dies. Let’s go!

I adore voluminous, tunnel cards and Peony Bouquet, which became essential for me. Until now it is my Number-One stamp set, though I have a lot of other sets.
Another card, made with Peony Bouquet, diametrically opposed by composition and style to previous card, but not less spectacular. I like the combination of purple and yellow-orange, they are harmonized one with another, imho.
One more card in this wonderfull palette, but with use of golden-black embossing and adding some volume. It’s my first card made with wonderful Beautiful day.
I like to make cards with transparent plastic elements, and if I have the idea, how to use it, nothing can stop me! This card have 2 title pages. First page made of transparent plastic with two frames in top and bottom and inscription “Welcome baby”. It covers second page with main image and inscription, hidden under bottom frame.  Here I used my favorite Peony bouquet and Sentiments & Quotes, which could be used on all occasions.
Majestic bloom is one of my favorite too, especially its leaves, which are very beautiful and could decorate every, even quite simple, card, making it wonderful and unique. 
And this card has opened me a door to the world of interactive cards! In this picture you can see the card with double spinner. The background image made with Majestic bloom and Beautiful day. (click here to watch the video of this card)

This card is one of my favorite. And the reason is not only because it’s made with Peony bouquet. Exectly this card brought me victory in Altenew’s September Inspiration Challenge. Also I like voluminous window, shaker frame… and yes, I am crazy about shakers!))) (click here to watch the video of this card)

And again wonderful Peony bouquet  in 2-frontpage watercolor card. Upper page includes toning in the peony colors and peony itselves, lower page – spinner with watercolor peonies.
Here are shaker and another-kind double spinner, with the galaxy as the background. When I’ve made this card I found out, that I like to create cosmic projects, though I work using white color as a basic and it’s not according with the space theme. Making this card I realized that the galaxy background and transparent moon-shaped spinner-shaker are not enough, I have to invent something else. And I’ve invented! I’ve toned inner part with blue distress, stuck to the form, gathered 2 moons and placed the needle with silver embossing between them. One moon I’ve colored like the front page (galaxy) and another moon like inner blue-toned page. So not only upper spinner could turn, but the lower “immovable” at first sight element shows us the dark side of the moon when you only click on it. It’s quite fun, isn’t it? (click here to watch the video of this card)

I hope, you were interested, looking my cards 🙂

But that’s not the end. Reading is good, but you can also win some amazing prizes from Altenew and me!


Join us and hop from one blog to another (in the order you could see lower) and become one of the 6 winners of $30 gift certificates from Altenew. You have until Wednesday, January 4th at 11:59 PM ET to enter, and the winners will be announced on the Altenew blog on Friday, January 6th.

The person, who left the most interesting comment under this post will get my Altenew Winning Card with my best wishes. I announce the winner on my blog by Thursday, January 5th.

Also Altenew have great news for this season!

Here is the hop list:


Backstage of making process. For my constructions I always use binders board. Neither sticky tape, nor cardboard, nor foam can guarantee solid construction. Only binders board. Particularly for shakers I use 3 layers. First I cut thin frame from cardboard using BigShot, then stick it to binders board and cut with the paper knife. When 3 frames cut out I glue it together smearing all the seams and start to polish everything with my old nail file to the necessary size. The result is very neat if you have patience. 🙈😆 / Закулисье моего процесса. Для своих конструкция я всегда использую только пивной картон. Ни объёмный скотч, ни фоам, ни картон в несколько слоев не сможет дать такой устойчивой конструкции. Только пивной картон. В частности для шейкеров я использую 3 слоя. Сначала вырубаю рамочку из тонкого картона на биг шот, затем наклеиваю на пивной картон и вырезаю строительным ножом. Когда вырезаны 3 рамочки, я их склеиваю между собой (при этом, промазываю все швы!!) и начинаю зачищать обычной старой пилочкой до нужного размера, получается очень аккуратно…если приноровиться, конечно 🙈😆

Galaxy – 2

Coming soon… new card, interactive and shakers 🙈😆 The shakers and galaxy is not enough 😉 / а я тут совсем заковырялась в рутине 😩 как обычно, долго обдумывала данную конструкцию 👆🏻, но вроде как, по итогу, должно получиться довольно-таки интересное сооружение 😉 посмотрим, что получится

А собственно, благодаря именно этой фотографии, можно взглянуть на приспособления, которыми я неизменно пользуюсь, как например брадс, который и будет служить механизмом для вращения;)